Tia Mushka, Journey 11 x 17 mixed media (detail)

Tia Mushka, Journey 11 x 17 mixed media (detail)


The Art of Making Marks – A Love Affair with Drawing

Instructor:  Sally Warren
July 3 & 4  9:30 am – 1:30 pm 

In essence, drawing is the act of making marks with a tool on a support or surface. Ah – but the variety of delicious marks, tools and supports! Expanding our mark-making vocabulary is the focus of this workshop! Using a freeform, abstract approach and stimulating exercises we will explore the distinctive natures of media including graphites, charcoals, chalks, contes and inks; tools including rags, points and brushes; and supports including natural and synthetic papers. Luscious works by famous and not so famous artists will provide insight into finding the art in your own marks. Suitable for all levels.

Cost: $140. Includes a wide variety of materials and a take-home kit.

SALLY WARREN holds a diploma in Material Arts from the Ontario College of Art. Over the years she has employed many media in her art practice and is enthusiastic about providing this opportunity for experimentation with a variety of materials, methods and marks. She has extensive experience in teaching and program development. She is the founder of Access Art in Mahone Bay, a member of Mahone Bay Printmakers and Peer Gallery of Contemporary Art in Lunenburg.


Impressionist Techniques

Instructor: Heather Sayeau
July 5 & 6  9 am – 4 pm Sold out (Waiting list)   August 27 & 28  9 am – 4 pm Sold out (Waiting list)

Day 1: Still Life as subject matter – fruit, vegetables. Focus on brushstrokes, ways of applying paint to create a shimmering surface quality, Impressionist colour mixing methods. Demonstration, visual presentations and examples will be provided. Bring: favourite fruits, veggies, 3 smaller canvases – 10x12, paint, brushes, and rags. Day 2: Landscape as subject. Continuing with a focus on paint application, 2 landscape paintings will be completed using Impressionist technique. There will be demonstrations and visual presentations. Bring: simple uncluttered photos of your favourite places,
2 or 3 canvases, 12x16.

Cost: $140. Material list will be supplied. Bring a lunch. 

HEATHER SAYEAU is a graduate of NSCAD University. She taught painting and drawing in the Fine Art Department at NSCAD and in the Continuing Studies Department until retirement in the spring of 2017. Her practice focuses on nature and the beauty of everyday life and how painting can express her emotional relationship to subject matter. Her work is in private and public collections in Canada and the U.S.


Land-and-Seascape Photography

Instructor: Kas Stone
July 9  9:30 am – 5 pm   

In this intensive one-day workshop you will learn some artistic strategies and shooting techniques for capturing the beautiful scenery along our coast. Led by professional landscape-seascape photographer Kas Stone (kasstone.ca), the morning classroom session is complemented by an afternoon field trip for some hands-on practice. Bring your camera gear, appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear. Any type of digital camera is welcome, but you should already be familiar with its basic operation and exposure/focus settings before attending this workshop. Take-home notes will be provided.

Cost: $95. Bring a lunch.

KAS STONE is based in Dublin Shore, Lunenburg County, where she runs a studio gallery and leads workshops in digital imaging. Her portfolio includes an extensive list of publications, exhibitions and national awards, with two wilderness guidebooks published by The Boston Mills Press and a feature profile in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine.


Upcycled Random Weave Basket

Instructor: Jane Whitten
July 10  10 am – 4 pm   

Upcycling: converting unwanted items into something new and useful. There are so many materials out there that end up in the dumpster but could be woven together to make baskets. Gather up those bits of computer cable, plastic strapping, electrical cords etc and learn to randomly weave them together to create a functional, or dysfunctional, basket. No basketry experience needed.

Cost: $80. Materials list will be supplied. Bring a lunch.

JANE WHITTEN is a Lunenburg based knitter, basketmaker, and tinkerer. She works on the premise that if you have enough of something you can make a basket it out of it – you just have to figure out what the material brings to the table and what you need to add to create the desired form. Underlying her experimentation with materials, techniques and structures, is her passion and concern for the environment. These play an important, often subconscious, part in the materials of choice and the final forms of her baskets.


Still Life Painting

Instructor: Susan Paterson
July 11 & 12  9:30 am – 4 pm   

Susan Paterson will be teaching a 2-day watercolour workshop using still life as a subject. Students will be shown how to set up their own still life considering light, colour, rhythm and composition. The emphasis will be on accurately drawing your set-up, trying to work out any problems you might have before you start to paint. Finally you’ll learn various watercolour techniques used to create a realistic sense of form and space.  

Cost: $140. Material list will be supplied. Bring a lunch.

Nova Scotia artist SUSAN PATERSON obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount Allison University in 1980 and has been a practicing artist ever since. She has exhibited extensively across Canada, is represented in private and corporate collections around the world, and has won many awards for her work, including being a finalist three times in Art Renewal Center’s Annual International Salon and a finalist in several BoldBrush online art competitions. She was awarded an Elizabeth Greenshield’s grant, as well as the first Port Bickerton Lighthouse Artist‘s Residency, a Nova Scotia Arts council grant to study at Grand Central Atelier in New Hampshire and a scholarship to study at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. She is a juried member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and has been featured in various publications, including International Artist magazine. Her work was included in ‘Terroir, a Nova Scotia Retrospective’ at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2016 and ‘Capture 2014, Nova Scotia Realism’ juried by Tom Smart.


Personal Mixed Media Mapmaking

Instructor: Tia Mushka
July 23 & 24  1 – 4 pm   

Discover the fun, beauty and history of cartography. This class is a chance to explore yourself, your own hopes, dreams and travels. You’ll create two unique maps that tell the story of your personal journeys using mixed media techniques such as collage, textile art, watercolour and typography.

Cost: $125. Includes all materials, but you are also invited to bring along pictures, textiles, used maps, etc, that have personal meaning for you for this art project.

TIA MUSHKA is an artist, book illustrator, writer and mapmaker. She studied Fine Art at Brigham Young University and after graduation, travelled to Italy to learn the art of stone carving. She lives on the South Shore and teaches art at the South Shore Waldorf School.


Writing About Place and Nature

Instructor:  Mary Fowke
July 25  9 am – 4 pm   

In this workshop you’ll explore places as sources of meaning, be they in nature, at home or inner landscapes. Via discussion around short, stimulating literary texts and videos and a range of writing exercises drawing from sensory detail, you will produce a short piece of writing, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by a place of personal significance.

Cost: $80. Bring a lunch.

MARY FOWKE has been coming to Chester since she was a child. For the past fifteen years, she's been living in Lisbon, Portugal where she works as a Psychotherapist. She's doing a PhD in memoir writing as related to displacement and childhoods spent in nature. During the past several years she's been conducting memoir and other writing workshops at the University of Lisbon and through the Lisbon Writers' Circle. She also writes short fiction.


Introduction to Monoprinting

Instructor: Mary Rhinelander
July 26 & 27  10 am – 4 pm   

The workshop will introduce students to the art of the monoprint. Using plexiglass plates, oil-based inks/paint and a small etching press, the class will explore several approaches to this liberating printmaking process. You will experiment with painting directly on the plate, as well as rolling up the plate with ink and selectively removing areas to create an image. The painter Edgar Degas made over 400 monoprints in his lifetime (many of his ballerinas are prints with pastel on top).

Cost: $140. Materials list will be supplied. Bring a lunch.

MARY RHINELANDER spends part of every summer in Stonehurst, Nova Scotia. She has a BA from Harvard University (’82) where she graduated with honors in Visual and Environmental Studies. Her MFA in printmaking is from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University. She has taught at Washington College, Chestertown, MD, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI and most recently at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, MA.


Explore Alla Prima/Plein Air Painting!

September 10 & 11  9:30 am – 4 pm   

Painting directly, wet on wet – that’s Alla Prima magic! The expressive technique was used from Frans Hals to The Group of Seven. Enjoy a creative journey with a recap of the fundamentals, (i.e. colour mixing, values, composition etc.) along with tips and techniques to making a finished watercolour small painting in one sitting. There will be demonstrations, individual attention and each participant will benefit and learn in an encouraging, relaxed atmosphere regardless of skill level.

Cost: $140. Material list will be supplied. Bring a lunch.

LISA HANNAFORD has been doing something artistic for as long as she can remember and channeled these tendencies with Studio art classes at the University of Toronto, Ontario College of Art and Design, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and various plein air workshops (i.e. John Hartman, Brian Atyeo, Charles Sovek and…Rob Seyffert!) in the States and Canada. Lisa is known for her loose and colourful style and has works in collections around the world. She is also known for the fun and relaxed workshops that she has done in the States, Ontario and Chester. Lisa lives and paints near Collingwood, ON where she has a studio with eight other artists at The Tremont Studios.


Play With Clay

Instructor:  MARLA BENTON
September 23 & 30  1 – 4 pm   

This workshop will be held on two afternoons, one week apart. You will have the chance to play with clay and discover the amazing ability that it has to hold details and texture. On the first Sunday, we will explore carving, stamping and printing into clay pieces that you have created. On the second Sunday, a week later, we will discuss surface decoration and complete your creations by applying glazes. This workshop is open to all levels.

Cost: $125. Includes all materials: clay, glazes and two firings.

MARLA BENTON lives and works on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. She has a Degree of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and an Education Degree from Nipissing University. She creates a variety of work ranging from functional service wares to sculptural installations. For more information: www.marlabenton.com  @marla.benton (Instagram)

Painting: Discover Your Style

Instructor:  Malcolm Callaway
October 4, 11, 18, 25 & November 1  1 – 4 pm   

This class is designed to assist you in the discovery of your own unique style of painting. Lessons will include discussions about various artists and their styles, while students practice oil painting techniques using a variety of materials and methods. In this manner, the class will be able to explore and identify individual, personal painting styles and consider how to refine and push approaches to new levels. Instruction is appropriate for all skill levels.  

Cost: $140. Material list will be supplied.

MALCOLM CALLAWAY has been painting for over 40 years and works in various media such as oil, acrylic, watercolours and fresco. His artwork is in many major collections in Canada and the U.S. Although noted primarily for his marine pieces he also tackles a variety of subject matter. To see his work go to www.malcolmcallaway.ca