A Creative Residency in the Village of Chester


In keeping with the Chester Art Centre’s Vision to create “an imaginative, dynamic and more vibrant community”, and our desire to connect artists for stronger personal and community growth, we are for the second time soliciting applications for an Artist In Residence – AIR program. Our goal is to provide a professional, emerging artist space and time for creativity and productivity and to offer our community diverse engagement opportunities.

The Centre has identified a self-contained accommodation/studio space with a garage, below which, the owner, a local artist, Dolly Hancock is prepared to make available to the chosen artist for the period of the Residency. Also included is space above a garden shed for larger projects. The accommodation/studio is centrally located in the Village within easy walking distance of downtown. Parking is available. The artist chosen for the program will make arrangements directly with the owner for rental of the accommodation/studio space.

We are excited to tell you that this space allows for the opportunities to work in a variety of mediums. The smaller studio/accommodation space is perfect for drawing, painting and studies. The shed space is quite large and can be used for a variety of projects requiring more space and the garage has some tools and can be used for sanding, sawing and glueing etc. Projects must respect the property and not be a risk to any form of damage. The artist/owner lives on site.

The time frame of the residency is the 2 months from September 6 to November 8, 2019. The Centre will offer the chosen artist a $2,000 stipend for the 2 months, and will reimburse the artist the cost of rental of the accommodation/studio space.

A written application in the form found below is required which, among other things, will explain the nature of the work or project to be undertaken and the desired outcome for the artist. In addition, the application will specify activities which the artist will undertake during the residency, such as teaching a workshop at the Centre, exhibiting the final project, hosting a lecture or talk at the Centre, or any other activities which the artist proposes.

The Chester Art Centre will provide the environment for the artist to create their own work and to collaborate with various community projects and opportunities and participate in Art Centre activities that engage with the greater community.

Application Form 2019

Deadline for Receipt of Submission is June 15, 2019

Notification will be sent to the chosen applicant by email by June 30, 2019.

The successful applicant will receive a contract by email. The contract must be agreed to and signed and returned to the Centre by email by July 12, 2019 with two signed hard copies to follow.

Personal Information:

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE (HOME):__________________________  (WORK):________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________________

WEBSITE: ___________________________________________________________________________


WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS RESIDENCY? _________________________________________________________________________________

Residency Information:

PROJECT TITLE: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION (100 words or less) Suitable for publicity purposes




BRIEF BIOGRAPHY (100 words or less) Suitable for publicity purposes




BRIEF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT DESCRIPTION (100 words or less) Suitable for publicity purposes





Dates: Total project time is two months: September 6 to November 8, 2019.

Accommodation/Studio Space: is in the central area of the Village, which has been identified by the Centre as available to the artist during the term of the Residency.

Studio: includes a combined living accommodation and studio space with a garage below, and a separate garden shed approx. 22’x14’. The shed has no electricity or water but extension cords could supply electricity. It’s a good working space with lots of light and ventilation.

Accommodation: includes studio with murphy bed, hotplate, microwave, outside barbeque, refrigerator, shower and toilet downstairs. 

Provisions:  Arrangements for rental of the accommodation/studio space and garage are to be made directly between the artist and the property owner.

Stipend: There is a monthly stipend of $1,000 provided by the Chester Art Centre and reimbursement of the cost of rental of the accommodation/studio space, garage and shed.

Materials: are to be supplied by the artist.


  • will be based on applicant ability to achieve stated goal as proposed within timeline

  • relationship of proposal to applicant work history and potential benefit to artist

  • clearly stated potential for community engagement


  • will be a committee from the Chester Art Centre and the artist/property owner

  • based on artistic merit

  • based on collaborative community opportunities

  • successful potential for completion of proposal

Required support material (provide in accompanying documents):

1. PROJECT PROPOSAL (max. 500 words)
Provide an expanded Project Description as a separate word document or PDF. Describe the intent and goals of the project and frame the project within the context of your creative work history. Describe the work processes, materials and/or equipment you will be working with during your residency.

Clearly outline what form of community engagement would be appropriate for your project: may include but not be limited to: demonstrations, teaching a workshop, an exhibition of work, talk or lecture as related to the project.

Images of work
10 images saved as .jpg files at 300 dpi
Each image should have a number with your initials and title to insure they are presented in the order you wish. Provide a numbered image list (artist, title, medium, dimensions/duration and date) as a separate word document or PDF. Submit via Drop Box.


Please submit two (2) references with your application

Sending your Application:

Must be received by June 15, 2019

Please clearly mark your name on all submitted materials. Submissions will not be returned

Submit the application form with the required support material via Drop Box at
Artist in Residence
Chester Art Centre
PO Box 654, 60 Queen Street
Chester, Nova Scotia B0J 1J0