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Abstract Painting and the Invisible

Bob Williams

All Welcome
June 2 & 3

About the Workshop

In this abstract painting workshop we will examine the visual elements of composition, the technical concerns of acrylic paint and the invisible aspects of the creative experience (intellect, emotion, silence, stillness, memory, awareness, meditation, and spirituality.) Each day the session will begin with a short guided meditation. We will look at different artists’ use of abstraction to stimulate workshop discussion. Students will be encouraged to experiment and develop their personal imagery.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Students will need to supply their own acrylic paints, matte medium or other acrylic mediums, brushes, pallet knives, 9” x 12” mixed media drawing book or heavier paper for class exercises, two small canvases, a pallet, water containers, paper towels, graphite pencils, scissors, a glue stick, masking tape and a pair of disposable gloves


Your Instructor

Bob Williams

Bachelor of Fine Art with an Art History Minor from NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1987) 

Diploma, Three Year Film Program at Conestoga College of Applied Art and Technology, Kitchener, Ontario (1979) 


Part-time instructor: watercolour, abstract painting, illustration, intro graphic design, NSCAD University Extended Studies, 2011 - present

Part-time instructor: drawing, Eastern College (Compu College), Halifax, 2005 – 2019

Full time faculty: classical animation, graphic design and drawing, McKenzie College, 2001 – 2003

"I hope my work produces an instant where the intellectual, emotional/spiritual and technical aspects of the images come together to create a moment of silence."

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