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Big Copper Bowl

with David Stepan

Beginner to Intermediate
Spring 2023
9am - 3pm

About the Workshop

With hammers, technique and intention you will learn how to cold forge a large bowl. The energy of a hammer strike moves the copper, shaping it, finishing it organically, with an immediacy that is so very gratifying. In this two day workshop participants will be guided through first creating a small bowl to develop knowledge and skills. Then apply their ability to a much larger disc, working, stretching and coaxing it into a lovely object.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Copper discs will be provided. A variety of shared tooling will be available for use. Bring your own marked hammers if you wish to try them. Please bring work gloves, hearing, and eye protection, and wear closed-toe footwear.


Your Instructor

David Stepan

David Stepan enjoys and explores the nature of materials. From the warmth and immediacy of hammered copper, to the peculiar grains of wood, and the way materials capture time and place.

Employing his Bachelor of Fine Arts training and decades of experience as a bespoke furniture designer-maker he blurs the lines between Art, jewelry, and décor, creating objects that transcend their purpose.

His passion is now directed to a more immediate expression of his interest in materials. Especially how objects from sustainably sourced materials can look and feel beautiful, and have their story evolve.

Recently Immigrating from Ontario to Nova Scotia, with his wife Jody, they are transforming a derelict early 1900’s feed store to become their home and studios.