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Creating Abstraction in Painting

Leya Evelyn

All Levels
July 4-7, 10am to 4pm

About the Workshop

This workshop includes discussion, work time and critiques of your work in class. We will explore where your art is now and where it could be. The format will be exercises for the first hour or two and then you can work on your own pieces or continue with what you started in the morning. The exercises are intended to open up different possibilities within the realm of abstraction. These workshops will challenge, satisfy, frustrate and give you a foundation for creating solid painting ideas.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Water-based paint (acrylic works best for exercises) although watercolour, tempera or gouache is fine.
Some paper (heavy enough to accept water and about 18 x 24 inches or larger), about 6 to 10 sheets. (The first exercises are to be done on paper.)
Canvases, any size, optional (for more extended work after the exercises).
Brushes: please include one or more at least 2 inches wide


Your Instructor

Leya Evelyn

Leya Evelyn is a seasoned art instructor. She taught at NSCAD University for 20 years, has taught painting workshops in Ottawa, Bedeck, Mahone Bay and Tantallon and currently teaches abstract painting via zoom.  She exhibits locally at the Secord Gallery in Halifax as well as nationally and internationally. 

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