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Drawing the Line and Making Your Mark

with Audrey Nicoll

Beginner to Intermediate
Mondays, Jan 30 - Mar 6
10am - 12 pm

About the Workshop

So many people feel they ‘can’t draw’, but I think it’s more that they don’t draw like they think they should, rather than revelling in the mark that they make. There are so many more ways to draw than a purely realistic rendering, but we will start there. This drawing workshop will work towards developing your realistic drawing skills, and then move beyond into a more personal and expressive style of mark-making with attention to the quality of your line. It is helpful, if you are already comfortable with a pencil, but more fun awaits if you are willing to hold your pencil in your other hand. We will work through a range of drawing skills using dry media such as graphite and charcoal working in a range of scales from sketchbook pages to large sheets. Making a mark to express yourself is only the beginning.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Bring whatever you have in your pencil case, but please bring the following minimum:
Graphite drawing pencils -one each 3B & 6B
Charcoal -sticks or pencils
Black permanent marker -preferably a finer line than a chunky one
Eraser -squares or pencil-type, your favourite kind: pink pearl, vinyl, soap, gum, etc
Sheet of medium grit sand paper
Pencil sharpener or x-acto or utility knife
Sketchbook, if you have one
Apron, if you have one


Your Instructor

Audrey Nicoll

Audrey Nicoll is a NSCAD and UBC Fine Arts graduate. She has taught in the public school system for thirty years starting in Vancouver and recently retiring as the IB Art teacher at Park View Education Centre. Audrey’s studio practice consists of large scale mixed media drawings focused on environmental issues, which she has shown throughout the Maritimes. Her teaching commitment took her away from her studio over the last few years, and she looks forward to the return to her studio in Chester Basin.

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