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Introduction to Oil and Cold Wax

with Sharon Fox Cranston

November 12, 13
10am - 4pm

About the Workshop

In this workshop you will be guided, step by step on methods for building up paintings in layers using cold wax, oil paint and pigment. We'll explore mark making and different ways to create texture and lines using a variety of tools and techniques.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Oil paints - minimum colours to bring are white, a red shade Cadmium red or similar, a yellow shade Cadmium Yellow or similar, and a blue shade Ultramarine blue or similar. If you have more colours, bring them along.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Silicone Bowl scraper by Messermeister, or similar
1-2 trowel type palette knives in different sizes.
Day 1 - A large sheet of Arches Oil Paper - 22”x30”, Deserres sell these
Day 2 - 2-3 smooth pre-gessoed wooden panels, no canvas. I will be using 6”x6” cradled boards. OR an Arches Oil paper pad 12”x16” or larger sheets you can cut down. OR both.
Frog tape, or blue painters tape
Latex or vinyl gloves
12”x16 “ paper palette for mixing oil paint
Apron (optional, but we will get messy)
4” soft rubber brayer if you have one. Not necessary to buy for class.

If you have any of these articles, or other interesting items, bring them along to help create texture: Pottery scraper, Hair comb, Steel wool, Bamboo skewers, Plastic fork, Clean sand from a craft store, Bubble wrap, Tissue Paper, Nylon Pot scrubber, Pan pastels or old chalk pastel sticks, Burlap


Your Instructor

Sharon Fox Cranston, SCA, PSA, MPAC

Sharon Fox Cranston is a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the Pastel Society of America, and a Master Pastelist in the Pastel Society of Canada.

For over forty years she has been a multi disciplinary, artist who has gained extensive experience painting with acrylic and soft pastel.

Her early work was illustrative in nature, which enabled her to develop a solid understanding of drawing and composition. Currently, Sharon’s focus is on a loose impressionistic style.

A Colourist at heart, she pushes colour and light to evoke an emotional response and to actively challenge the viewer to interpret the work for him or herself.

Sharon enjoys sharing the knowledge she has acquired over the years with her students to help them grow within their creative path.

A full time artist and gallery owner for over eleven years, this award winning artist’s work can be viewed in Lunenburg at Cranston Gallery.