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Mythical Menagerie

with Teresa Bergen

All Welcome
Tuesdays, Jan 17 - Mar 7
9:30am - 1pm

About the Workshop

Tell a story in clay. Learn coil, pinching, and slab techniques to create figurative sculptures. Six weeks working with wet clay and two weeks glazing and surface decoration. Please bring an apron, a wooden spoon, and any other clay tools you own.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Apron, wooden spoon, clay sculpting tools that you own


Your Instructor

Teresa Bergen

I am a maker and a storyteller, working with my hands, primarily in clay. Ceramics are a part of daily life and the humble approachability of the medium appeals to me. I hand build figurative ceramic sculpture, puppets and kinetic art. Through the process of transforming soft malleable mud into a finished piece with jewel, like permanence I aspire to create something extraordinary, theatrical, full of life and a sense of humour. My work explores relationships, through movement, myth and folklore. Mechanical kinetic elements draw you in, to play look closer and question what animates us. I am interested in the push and pull of emotions and their power over actions both creative and destructive. As a friend, wife and and mother I work intuitively with thoughts of how we love, cooperate, work against and depend on each other. There is beauty in our flaws and foibles. 

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