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Watercolour Artist's Book

with Audrey Nicoll

All Welcome
November 7, 14, 21, 28
10am - 2pm

About the Workshop


Create a multi-page artist’s water colour book using a non-linear narrative approach that incorporates image and text. The workshop is aimed at advanced beginners with experience in water colour painting.

Techniques & Process:

Working through various watercolour exercises to develop looser more expressive water colour techniques and to expand the participants’ understanding of composition. Applying a set of open ended instructions to develop an all-over composition that connects multiple aspects of a subject without constructing a linear narrative. The incorporation of chance and response becomes the venue to develop a more dynamic and personal interpretation of the chosen subject or theme. Lots of one-on-one feedback and support/sharing with each other integrated into the process. The end result will be a hand-stitched, multi-page artist’s watercolour book based on a theme/ subject of the participant’s choosing. Students are asked to consider multiple reference points -- visual, scientific, mythic, symbolic, literary -- of their chosen subject that will be integrated into their book using image and text with water colour and permanent fine liner pens.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Mixing palette
Board or clip board (to tape your paper to)
Painter’s tape -green or blue
Cotton swabs, paper towels
Graphite pencil -HB or H
Black permanent fine line pen
Brush suggestions: wash brush 1” or 1.5”, flat brush 3/4” or 1”, several round brushes from small to large 2, 4, 6, 8, 14 (optional 00
Colours suggestions (water colour pans or tubes, whichever you already have) essentially you will want to have warm & cool colours : alizarin crimson or rose madder, cadmium red light or vermillion, cadmium red deep or permanent red, cadmium yellow light or lemon yellow, cadmium yellow medium or gamboge, Hooker’s green or sap green, phthalo green, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, yellow ochre, raw umber, burnt Sienna, Paynes grey OPTIONAL: dioxazine violet, indigo, cerulean blue, Prussian blue, sepia. These are only colour suggestions, and if you have similar colours already, do NOT buy more.
WC paper: 140 lb. cold press paper. You can buy it in 22 x 30 sheets and cut it up, or pick up a WC pad or block. Fabriano pads available at DeSerres are a good paper to start.
Optional: natural sponge, masking fluid, sheet of hot press paper, ruler


Your Instructor

Audrey Nicoll

Audrey Nicoll is a NSCAD and UBC Fine Arts graduate. She has taught in the public school system for thirty years starting in Vancouver and recently retiring as the IB Art teacher at Park View Education Centre. Audrey’s studio practice consists of large scale mixed media drawings focused on environmental issues, which she has shown throughout the Maritimes. Her teaching commitment took her away from her studio over the last few years, and she looks forward to the return to her studio in Chester Basin.