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Mix Your Media

Shyrina Rose

Grades 5-8
Thursdays, Feb 2 - Mar 9
3pm - 5pm

About the Workshop

This program will foster creativity through mixed media and a variety of mediums such as; acrylic, collage, sculpture and sketch work. Students will explore new topics and techniques on perspective, encouraging play, experimentation and growth of artistic abilities and most importantly the freedom of expression.

Paint Brushes

About the Workshop

All materials included


Your Instructor

Chester Area Middle School

Shyrina Rose Is an interdisciplinary artist exploring themes of play, nature, and irregularity through her textile work. She embraces whimsy and draws inspiration from nature and the beautifully intricate qualities hidden all around us. Through her sculptural works she creates experiences akin to those experienced in nature. Wishing one would be small enough to sleep inside an acorn or find a home inside of a tree stump. Shyrina began her fine arts at the University of Alberta before attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she received her Bachelor of fine arts degree.

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