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Summer Art School: Me, Myself and I

Vienie McShane

Ages 5 - 8
August 14th - 18th
9am - 12pm

About the Workshop

The week's theme is Me, myself and I. What makes me unique and special?

Monday: How to draw a portrait - tips and guidelines. In this class Vienie will show the students how to draw a portrait using some golden rules of drawing.

Tuesday: Working with clay and the shape of your hand we will make a small  platter/bowl and a flat mask of our own faces to hang on the wall.

Wednesday: A profile artwork filled with drawings of all the things we love!

Thursday: Black and white charcoal self portrait.

Friday : Decorate the first letter of your name to create a sign for your bedroom door.

Paint Brushes

Your Instructor

Vienie McShane

Vienie (pronounced “Finny”) McShane is a teacher at the South Shore Waldorf School in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. She and her family emigrated from South Africa 2 years ago. Vienie is passionate about art and education. She graduated with a Degree in Education and a Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. Vienie has taught and worked with children ranging from 5 - 13 year olds in various education and support roles over the last twenty years. Apart from teaching at a Waldorf school in Cape Town, Vienie spent her summers teaching “Kids Clay” and Art & Craft classes at her home. Last summer Vienie ran two of our summer art programs, which were packed with creativity and lots of fun. Vienie’s love of positive themes in her classes, promotes a genial space where those who attend feel comfortable to express their artistic side and learn to enjoy the creative process.

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