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Harvesting / Time

Solo Exhibition by Ian McKinnon

Exhibition Opening: July 20 
Gallery Hours: July 20 - Aug 6
Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 4 pm

                                      ARTIST’S STATEMENT


In this exhibition, I have “harvested” pieces from four series (“Still/Life,” “Full/Circle,” “Harvesting/Time” and “Intervals”.) The four series span the past three and half years of my exploration of working with the humble Prismacolor pencil on gold gesso and wood panel. Whether drawing from direction observation everyday objects and old photos-as-objects - or interpreting digital images, all the works share in a contemplative engagement with the subject.


In recent years I have come to understand my drawing process as one means of being present to God. Essentially, it is drawing as prayer. The gold iridescent ground holds and breaks through the images, speaking to the sacredness of everyday experiences yet acknowledging the inevitable and necessary dissolution of all that is.


I experience my art practice as a surrendering to the process of seeing and being seen - of encounter. Conversation; call and response; change. The viewer is invited to surrender well to beauty and its invitation to healing.

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