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Request for Proposals


The Chester Art Centre is seeking a consultant to assist in the creation and communication of materials for a project called “People First.” The purpose of this project is to support and strengthen the people that comprise the organization including staff, board members, volunteers and summer students and others who contribute to the Centre. This project will accomplish this by assisting the organization to modernize, ensure long-term sustainable growth and community responsiveness by providing training to stakeholders, and updating policies and procedures in the a post-Covid context.


Project Deliverables

While some components of the materials exist and some management/governance processes are in place, there are issues with how the current materials are organized and communicated, and whether materials represent best practices or are relevant in a post-Covid context. The project will therefore require: 1) review and organization of existing materials; 2) identifying gaps in current materials;3) researching best practices; 4) consulting with board members, staff, volunteers and others to update materials and: 5) communicating revised content, policies and procedures to all stakeholders through meetings or online.


At the outset of the project, it’s anticipated the following materials and activities will be needed but it is assumed that materials may be modified or aggregated as work progresses and the means of communication may vary depending on the needs identified in the consultation and research phase of work. For instance, online content maybe be the predominate means of communication with hardcopy being printable if required rather than print materials assumed to the primary means of content distribution. All materials are based on a foundation of maintaining a healthy workplace and ensuring the organization’s evolution maintains this approach.


1.     Employee Handbook

2.     Operations Manual

3.     Summer Student Guidelines/Handbook

4.     Strategic Plan

5.     Board Member Orientation Package/Past Board Member Working Group Handbook

6.     Governance Update

7.     Volunteer Handbook

8.     Recruitment Strategy Guide

9.     Mentor Development


Project Timing

This timing is suggested and will be finalized when a consultant is hired. It may be more efficient to for materials to be created concurrently and hence the schedule significantly truncated.


1.     June 2023 – grant confirmed.

2.     July – advertise for a consultant(s)

3.     August – select consultant.

4.     September – host thank you event for volunteers.

5.     September – work begins with consultant including consultation meetings.

6.     October – February 2024 work continues with drafts of materials being circulated for comment to stakeholders and revised as appropriate.

7.     March-  final deliverables

8.     April – introduce materials, host mentor training session, and initiate working advisory group (potentially of past board members but may evolute depending on the results of research and consultation



The grant that is funding the project allows total consulting costs including applicable taxes of $21,000, as well as materials and supplies to be used during the project of $4000 and travel expenses to a maximum of $1000. Volunteer events are budgeted to a maximum of $1500 and will be administered by Chester Art Centre staff with consultant time as part of their contract.


The Consultant

The successful consultant will be a communication expert familiar with the needs of a smaller cultural institution like the Chester Art Centre. The consultant should be aware of best practises in the areas outlined for the People First project, be able to review, aggregate and update existing materials to produce the desired outcomes, and be proficient with stakeholder consultation and building consensus through in person meeting and other means. Graphic design and website expertise is essential for the communication aspect of materials.


The aspect of mentoring may or may not be part of a potential consultant’s proposal as background required is unlike that for the other aspects of the project. The component of the project is budgeted at $2000. A potential consultant may suggest a sub-consultant they will work with to deliver this component of the project or choose to not include it in their proposal.



Proposals are required to be submitted to the Chester Art Centre, to the attention of Kelvin Browne, Executive Director, not later than Friday, July 28, 5pm. Proposals can be submitted in hardcopy but it is preferred they are emailed to



All questions should be directed in writing to Kelvin Browne at the email address noted.


About the Chester Art Centre


The Chester Art Centre (CAC) is a non-profit art gallery serving artists and the local community year-round. The centre hosts exhibitions in the gallery space that shows the work of local, national and international artists. In addition, the CAC offers classes and workshops taught by working professional artists creating in diverse mediums; weekly community programming; presents the annual Donald Curley Lecture Series, and offers an Artist-In-Residence program. The programming at the CAC encourages adults, youth and children to learn new skills, take risks and have fun. The centre works diligently in the Chester area to foster a strong arts community and strives to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, needs, or financial means. Originally founded in 2007, the Chester Art Centre moved to its current home in 2013.

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