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Rabbit Spring

Kate Church

Beginners and Previous Students
April 3 - 6
9 - 3pm

About the Workshop

In this four-day workshop we will create a “Rabbit Spring” character. The figure stands approx 17” tall 

You will learn the basics of working in polymer clay while creating a face, hands and feet for your figure.

A cloth body form will be provided, ready to learn how to wire it for the armature.

Clay and basic suits, wire, coloring materials, etc are included. 

Wooden bases will be available for purchase from Kate or you can bring something.

Paint Brushes

Material List

Gathering List:

Your choice of fabric for the outer costume layer.
I will bring some pre-made over suits as well.

Sculpting Tools: my favourite Style and Detail Tools by Sculpey
Scissors: paper, fabric
Needles and threads
Exacto knife
Base (if not purchasing one from Kate)
Things you imagine wanting to incorporate into your figure

If you do not have any of these or are travelling (scissors and knives), please let us know.


You can use an antique box or found object, as long as we can drill into it for the feet to stand, it will work!


I have my bases locally made out of pine. Cost of the size we are using is 25.00
I also have two other sizes to choose from which are slightly smaller.


Your Instructor

Kate Church

Combining the line and form of sculpture with anima has been my work for more than 25 years.

During my time as a textile and costume associate with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia I began to create the figurative work I eventually called ‘Sculptural Puppetry’.

I am proud to have created figures for Cirque du Soleil which were sold in their shops and at their shows around the world.

From 1993 - 2013 I presented an annual collection at the One of a Kind Show from which I earned my livelihood. 

In 2011 I began to travel and teach enthusiastic groups of makers. 56

2014 - 16 I conceived and created a public gallery show “BALANCE POINT”. My artistic works as both artist and maker of fine craft. The result was to be filled with vision and desire for the future. 

In 2017 my life became consumed with the discovery and treatment for stage four breast cancer. A halting yet humbling time stretching over two years. 

Now, fully recovered, I work within a cherished space … quietly, gently and, at times, explosively engaging the emotional place I work from. 

Recovery has been a repeating thread throughout my life. 

Art and artistic practice has been my source of strength and recovery. It has fueled and served my life. 

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